Celebrating my first collaboration!

It has been a huge honour to work with Kerry from Bondi Bather Australia on this incredible collection of swimwear and activewear. Kerry has licensed the use of one of my paintings "I carry my treasures with me" to produce this impressive range which will be stocked in her Australian stores as well as overseas to other retail outlets.

The collection will be arriving in my store at the Newrybar Merchants either today or tomorrow. I can't wait!

I've gone cushion crazy!

I am super stoked to have my shipment of cushions ready for sale in Australia. They are beautifully soft and comfy and of course colourful! They are all available for sale via my online shop or from my new Diana Miller store at the Newrybar Merchants collaborative space in Newrybar.












Newrybar Merchants opens it's doors!

This little dream of my husband’s has become a relatively fast reality, though that’s nothing new in the Miller household. Everything we do seems to be at breakneck speed! The idea was born in the minds of 2 men at the same time, both with a vision to bring a multifaceted retail space to the tiny town of Newrybar. When my hubby Todd met Zane Grier of Driftlab, Newrybar a few months ago, the 2 realised they were working towards a similar goal. After a few conversations they decided to join forces to create “Newrybar Merchants”. The cooperative store is located within the old Antique store home, opposite Harvest Café in Newrybar. Housing products by some well established big names the space will house items by Sibella Court of Society Inc, Jai Vasicek, Patterson and Steele, Shannon Fricke Heart & Home, TigmiTrading morrocan rugs, Fate and Fortune stationery, handmade bespoke leather goods by Wolf & Maiden from Cape Town, and some beautiful clothing from a few handpicked exclusive sources which Todd and I will stock under the Miller Trading Group umbrella. So all very exciting!

Mexico awaits

In less than a week I will be jetting off on my own, yes my OWN, to the beautiful eastern coastline of Mexico for my 4 day Inner Circle Retreat as part of the Conquer Club for 2015. There are about 30 ladies from around the globe coming together for 4 days of mentoring, pampering and plenty of socialising! Post retreat I will be spending another week in Tulum where I plan to lie in a hammock with a book and do very little. I was diagnosed with Lymes disease 2 days ago and after the very big year I have had and with a pending interstate move and the opening of a gallery/studio in a month I can honestly say I just want to think of nothing but resting and relaxing. Judging from the photos of the resort "Dreams" I think it will be pretty easy to get slip into holiday mode pretty quickly :)

Moments in Spontaneum solo exhibition

August 2015
Percolator Gallery
Paddington, Brisbane

Me and my work on opening night

It takes a long time to put an art show together. You always know you have at least a year to start building your collection, but somehow perhaps because of that seemingly extravagant amount of time one doesn't necessarily always start painting a year in advance. This was very true of my show this year. In fact my dates had been booked since August 2013 so I actually had 2 year's warning. Isn't it amazing how fast that time can creep up on you though and I only really started working in earnest on my new pieces in May this year! 

2015 has been an incredible year of personal growth for me and when I look back at the work I have created they really are a reflection of the lessons I have learnt, the meanings I have taken from experiences in my life, the paths I have taken, the roads I have travelled within myself. All these things are reflected in the paintings that hung as a body of work in the main room of the gallery. As a collection you can see a continuity and a thread of similarity that makes them cohesive and work as a body. I am incredibly proud of the work I produced for this show and thrilled to have sold so many pieces. This piece here titled "Learning to Soar" is the only one of my new pieces still for sale.

Learning to Soar FOR SALE

I titled the show "Moments in Spontaneum" because for me there is a very definite place called "Spontaneum" This is my very happy, emotive, expressive and spontaneous place where for me magical reactions can happen between myself, my brushes and the canvas. 

This is what I wrote to describe the show...

This body of work documents and reflects the personal journey I have been on this year – one of exploration and growth, of acceptance, gratitude and presence.

The work is emotional and expressive and created in those moments where instinct and intuition override the analytical brain to create something raw, free and unconscious. It’s about surrendering....letting go. Its about telling a story in a spontaneous moment.

We are all aware of the concept of ‘living in the now’ and ‘being in the moment’, and it is through the creation of this body of work that I have realised the art of complete presence. In front of my canvas, brushes in hand, time stands still and it is in these moments that I express myself fully and spontaneously.

These paintings are suggestive of landscapes travelled – real, imagined and internal. I have captured moments of beauty and inspiration in these compositions utilising colour, form and texture as my foundation, enriched with a personal emotional dimension that cannot be defined or described. They are built from layers of paint that blend, jar or dance onto the canvas, creating and revealing forms, brushmarks and finer details. My paintings tell a story, they convey emotion. They are an expression of me.

Here is the collection...

The title piece "Moments in Spontaneum" SOLD. Prints available here

Moments in Spontaneum   120cm x 120cm

This painting symbolises the moments in which I am truly present and spontaneous in my approach to my art. This body of work represents the moments in which I am completely raw, free, unconscious.


Mother Earth  120cm x 100cm  SOLD

This painting is about finding my feet, grounded in the earth. The reds of the dirt, the shapes of the rock, the ochres of the sand, the land and how it lies. And all that the earth gives us. Let us give respect to the earth.


Life is an Adventure  120cm x90cm  SOLD

This painting takes us on an adventure through thick undergrowth and jungle like vegetation. It represents the journeys we take through our lives and the paths we choose to explore. Sometimes there is treasure to be found.


Forever Reap What you Sow       120cm x 120cm   SOLD

What you give you receive. Why not consciously and deliberately sow for the highest good?


Flavours of Life  120cm x 90cm   SOLD

Ups and downs – they are a part of life, this palette is a metaphor for the spices and flavours that augment our experiences...


Internal Reflection 120cm x 90cm   SOLD

This painting is about looking inward and traversing the internal landscape that speaks to you.


Are you living yet?    70cm x 80cm    SOLD 

Life is here for living – living the fullest expression of yourself.

Hanging my show

I am writing this retrospectively, simply because at the time of preparing and hanging my solo show I was simply too knackered to do anything else! I probably could have taken a few more photos but I think at the time Todd and I just wanted to get it hung. He had to go and do his own stuff so we really put the whole thing together rather efficiently. I had planned and allocated particular spots for all my pieces, so when the delivery boys turned up it was as simple as dedicating a painting to each spot, getting all the picture rails and hangers lined up and then up, up, up they went!

My husband Todd

My ever faithful helper and hubby, Todd

Me doing some adjusting

Checking out my handywork :) "Internal Reflections" on the right hand side sold. "I carry my treasures with me", left, is still available.

Standing with "Forever Reap what you sow" and "Mother Earth". Both of these pieces sold.

Standing with "Flavours of Life" and "Life is an Adventure". Both these pieces sold.

With one of my favourite pieces "Mother Earth"

The back room was dedicated to older prints and paintings as well as my new range of cushions which sold really well!

Getting ready...

With a solo show looming, there are lots of little jobs to get done as well as paintings to complete. Once a painting is finished, it doesn't stop there. The work needs to be varnished to protect it from UV rays and fading and to protect the finish. I then have to get the paintings to my framer.. Thankfully I have recently upgraded my car but when I had my Beetle getting large pieces to the framer was pretty impossible so I would end up having to do a car swap with my husband so I could use his ute. Nowadays I have my Jeep and with the seats down I can get some pretty large pieces in there which is great. Once framed I then have to collect the work and store it somewhere. We are currently living in a very small house and right now there are paintings stacked 3 and 4 deep behind the couch and along the walls. My poor family has been very patient! This house is teeny anyway, and with me painting here and storing my stuff it is all getting rather cluttered and starting to take its toll on my brain!

I am yearning for clean uncluttered surfaces with no "stuff" in sight. Some storage space and a proper working space is in the pipe line so I know this is not forever...

RAW Artist Night

 A couple Thursdays ago I participated in the RAW event at the .MET in Brisbane. Here are a couple photos from the night.. we had the option of going up on stage to be interviewed which was kinda fun... The event was really well organised and supported. Thanks to everyone that came along :) 

My new online store is LIVE

I feel very proud of myself for putting my shop together and getting it live all by myself. If someone had told me at the start of the year that I would have done that this year I definitely would not have believed them. It is a good exercise to reflect and take stock of the things we do achieve each week, each month and each year, so that we can be grateful for our accomplishments.

I have realised that with baby steps and daily actionables I can accomplish my goals – goals that seemed out of reach at the start of the year are now realities. And that is very satisfying.


2 paintings sold the week before my holiday to South Africa

I have had a bit of a quiet spell between sales so it is always incredible to get 2 sales on one day, kind of out of the blue. These are both big favourites of mine (I seem to say that a lot but I guess its because I am so fond of so many of my pieces)

Purple Rain

This painting, Purple Rain, has adorned the walls of the "Barn", a contemporary barn-style home in high-side Chelmer in Brisbane built by my husband Todd of ZieglerBuild. The new owners of the home decided to buy it and keep it on this wall as it appears here and I am so thrilled they did!



This large 1.5m x .1.2m painting titled "Sandcastles in the Rain" was purchased on the same day as Purple Rain by a gentleman from Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast who was looking for a blue painting for his newly renovated home. This piece has since been float framed in Tasmanian oak and I will take a photo of it when I see it framed tomorrow.

My first start-to-finish video of a painting being created

Amongst all the skills I have developed over the years I can now add 'video editor' to my repertoire. The process of filming it all was actually not that difficult. I set my iPhone 5 on timelapse and rested it against a pot of paint on my tripod. Once I had all the clips filmed I dragged them into iMovie (i have a very old version) and managed to somehow make it all join together, added some royalty free music and a final still image... Making a movie has been on my hit list for a while so I am pretty happy to finally have created one!

Brisbane abstract artist, Diana Miller shows the intuitive process of creating an abstract painting...

Brisbane RAW Artist Showcase – 23 July 2015

I am really stoked to have been invited to be part of the RAW Artist Showcase to be held in Brisbane on Thursday 23 July at the .MET! This involves a collective of 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and makeup for a one-night creative explosion!


RAW is an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting independent talent to the public. Every second month we hand-select and showcase approximately 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and makeup for a one-night creative explosion!

RAW was founded in the United States in 2009. The showcases currently run in over 60 locations across the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the UK! RAW's mission is to provide artists with tools and resources to further their creative careers. We want artists to fight the good fight and promote themselves independent of a gallery or agency.

Tickets are $20 and I need to bring along at least 20 people as my contribution to the night. To see who's participating and to book your ticket visit http://www.rawartists.org/brisbane/glimpse  

Be sure to select my name from the drop down menu when making your purchase.

View my RAW profile 

I would LOVE to see you there!

Creating new work for my solo show

The countdown is on to my new solo show from 19–23 August at the Percolator Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane. Opening night is Friday 21 August. I would love as many people to be there as possible. This is my title image for the show "Moments in Spontaneum", which explores the outcome of paintings that are painted during moments of spontaneous action where the paint is applied in a very quick, loose and unplanned way. If my work is starting to look laboured or too "thought about" I like to step back, get back in the zone and then 'attack' the work again, in a freer state of mind! Most of the time I am far happier with the outcome :)

My last year's opening night was great fun with lots of people attending.

Moving to Bangalow

Our block with rainforest on the left

Our block in Bangalow with established citrus orchard. Now it just needs a house

The creek that runs through our block

In 2009 my husband and I moved away from Brisbane to a tiny town in Victoria called Tatura. This humble little village showed us the true meaning of living it 'real'. I met the most down to earth, fun, warm and open-hearted bunch of ladies I have ever had the honour of knowing, in a short space of time and in a town of only 2500 people. No one cared what your wore, what car you drove or who you knew. We lived there for 13 months before circumstance saw us move away to try and put out fires in far northern Queensland – Mackay. And there we experienced the hardest 9 months of our lives, running a restaurant and living a life that destroyed the souls of both myself and my husband. We left after 9 months to start afresh in Currumbin, Gold Coast, only to have our house in Graceville taken by the floods a month after we moved there. So back to Brisbane we moved, to strip back the flooded house, rebuild and move back.

That was January 2011. We were left devastated and broke.

4 years on, many many hours of hard work later, taking life's lessons and using its hardships to make us stronger as a couple and a family we are now in a position to return to the small town way of life. We have bought a big block of land in Bangalow, Northern NSW and will be moving down that way in December this year (2015). 

I cannot think of a more beautiful place to raise my kids, continue my art practice and get in touch with the earth and the sea again. To wake up to the sound of silence, grow my own veggies, have our own chooks and to reconnect with the essence of who I am again, slow down and really enjoy the life I am here to live.

I simply am happy beyond words. 

I carry my treasures with me

This painting I completed in April 2015. It went through many stages and many changes, but now that it is resolved, it is my current favourite. 

I have entered it into the Sunshine Coast Art Prize. Fingers crossed I get somewhere! 

This painting has many layers, some hidden and some revealed. The piece represents the metaphorical treasures that I use in my painting – the brushstrokes, the colour, line and emotion that I draw on to create my work. I paint from a very intuitive and emotional place, referencing my mood and what is going on in my life. My art is my purest expression and this manifests in the strokes, colour and compositions I create in my work.

This piece is in a white float frame, is for sale and can be viewed on my website


April Art Arvo at my studio

On Sunday 26 April I held an art afternoon at my studio on Yeerongpilly. About 100 people turned up over the afternoon to enjoy live music by local musician Dave Power, art by myself and also a live oil painting demo by good friend Julie Christensen. Place Graceville kindly ran the auction of one of my large paintings which sold on the day for $1600. Coupled with a donation from my brother in law the day raised $3000 to send to the Ujamaa Children's Home in Tanzania. Local Paleo cafe Goodness Gracious supplied the delicious gluten and dairy free cakes for the afternoon and plenty of bubbles and good company made for a delightful afternoon.