"Our Diana Miller painting is exquisite and is an investment we will always treasure."

Jeanine Forcioli, Bendigo, Victoria


Cape Town born and raised, I immigrated to Australia in 2003 after meeting my Australian husband in London. After thirteen years of moving house my family and I have finally settled in Newrybar in the Byron Bay hinterland, northern NSW, Australia where we opened the Newrybar Merchants (2015). With my first pregnancy in 2005 came a desire to rekindle my love for the arts and I have been painting and selling work ever since. I undertook contemporary art studies at the Byron School of Art in 2017 and 2018 and was the recipient of the Graduate Award at the end of my time there. I currently show with Modern Times in Melbourne after three years of selling my work through Fenton and Fenton. I held a solo and group show at the BSA in 2018 and have my solo show Flipside, showing at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina from 3 Juy to 25 August 2019.

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The act of painting, the challenges of abstraction and the sensuality of colour are what interest me.

I gather and stores visual information as subconscious data, referencing landscape, architecture, found objects, shapes and textures. I document the world around me through colour and through the forms that emerge from experimental play in the studio. My emotional landscape is intrinsically entwined into the work I make. I am currently exploring the contrasts between our inner and outer worlds – the fragile interiors versus the brave external.

I am working on building my painting vocabulary to play, push and pull my practise and to challenge the limitations of mediums – to wrestle with paint and other materials such as paper, wood, metal and found objects from which I reinterpret new forms. I take interest in the intervals between shapes and spaces and how these operate in painting, and how colour, texture and form reciprocate. Through the process of assembling, taking apart and reconstructing forms take on new meaning and morph into new visual solutions.

My work brings together elements both physical and intangible.