Grand Designs Australia

From December 2012 to November 2013 my husband Todd and I were filmed by the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel, building our 3 level shipping container house in Graceville, Brisbane. The Grand Designs episode aired in October 2014, the first of Series 5.

The experience of having the entire process documented on film – of our old house being demolished and the new one being built from scratch by my husband – was an incredibly rewarding one, full of laughter, tears and other emotions across the spectrum! Apart from having children it was the most challenging project of our married lives. Perhaps because of the complexity and intensity it all it has inspired people to write to us from all over the world with incredibly humbling letters and messages of praise and inspiration.

Here are some photos of the house compliments of our amazing architectural photographer Chris Frederikson.

The episode is now available to watch at on YouTube.

You can also view the home on my husband's website here.