April Art Arvo

On Sunday 26 April 2015 I am hosting an art afternoon at my studio in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane from 1-4 in the afternoon. 

Local musician Dave Powers will be strumming his stuff and keeping us entertained while the rest of us sip on champagne and natter as us chicks do! Men and kids are welcome too but I am expecting the majority of attendees will be women. I have about 10 paintings and lots of prints  for sale on the day, but mostly it's an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy an afternoon of each other's company. 

There will be a live auction of this painting below at 3pm. 

I am donating proceeds of the sale of this piece to Ujamaa Children's Home in Tanzania, a cause close to my heart, being South African and knowing the struggles of orphaned AIDS babies and children. 

I am looking forward to the day and to meeting some new people!

Night time studio time

I've realised that I love to paint at night. When I'm in the mood for it that is. I used to have a studio at home when we lived in the shipping container house so it was always available to me. However I now have to go to the warehouse to my studio if I want to work at night. But the motivation to go has to outlive the evening routine of dinners, baths and bed time stories before I can head out the door. Sometimes plain old tiredness gets me first and I succumb to bed! But on the nights when inspiration bites and pulls me out the door that I'm always very grateful. This week I had a great session finishing off a couple of nearly completed works. 

Finishing off an older small piece...

After a while of trying to keep this painting all blue I have given in and introduced my signature pinks and yellows. Almost immediately it resolved itself!

The Journey Within

This latest painting is expressive of the inner journey I have been navigating my way through. After being in a bit of a slump for a couple of weeks and after making a few emotional breakthroughs I came fresh to this canvas and literally just went for it. In flow, the paint knew its way... making its marks on the blankness, layering and covering, more and more paint until the visual of an internal landscape makes itself seen... the journey to a higher self.. the journey within.. This painting sold off my facebook post to a buyer in Perth and will be shipped over in the next couple of weeks.

 This is how it starts... just gestures on a blank canvas

 More paint, loose and furiously applied

 transparent layers

 lots of movement...



Me in action

And the end result... aaah!

Getting ready for a solo show....

I am hosting an art afternoon at my studio end of April this year. I have hosted one previously at my house with a fashion house but this time I will be running the event solo. The space in which I work (which was fitted out by my incredibly creative husband) lends itself really well to an art day, with lots of wall space, comfy seating and grass floors. Being in an industrial location also means that after a few drinks we might turn the music up and have a bit of a dance!! Here are some photos from our launch party last year...

Sandcastles in the Rain

This is my latest artwork. 1.5m x 1.2m in size.  I have completed 6 paintings since the beginning of the year. This one was probably my most enjoyable and fun. I love painting from my inside, painting from memories and emotion. This one takes me back to my childhood, building sandcastles with my bucket and spade, digging and playing in the sand with my siblings. And then watching the forms melt and distort as the rain comes down... This painting reminds me to keep that element of play in my life. To spend more time with my kids in the dirt and the sand, playing...

From start to finish

Sometimes as an artist, when I finish a painting, I can stand back from it and have absolutely no idea how I got there. There are so many layers, so many hours and so much intensity that goes into creating an artwork – often I get completely lost in the process and have no recollection of how I got from start to finish. Thank goodness for iPhones and the ability to document with progress shots!

Today I am sharing some progress shots from a painting for my mother in law's 70th birthday. The painting features my 2 daughters (her granddaughters) as the sleeping angels amongst the floral setting.

"Redhead Beach" commission

After our shipping container house aired on Grand Designs in October last year I was contacted by a lovely couple from the idyllic beachside location of Redhead Beach to paint them a painting. Their new house was recently completed and looks incredible and they have asked me to produce a fairly large piece 1.8m wide by 1.2 m deep as the feature piece for their living area.

It is always such a privilege to be asked to produce work like this for people because it makes you realise that what you do has really impacted on them somehow. Creating art is a very emotional process for me, and one that more and more so comes from deep within me. I very often get to the end of a painting and have no idea how I got there! The paint just seems to make its way onto the canvas, in layers upon layers until the piece evolves into the final product. I have to say, commissions are more so than not very challenging. No one knows what the end product is going to look like. And because art is so subjective, there is no way to guarantee the client is going to like the end result. Of course you just have to do all you can to get the colours right, capture the right emotion in the painting and incorporate the elements that the client wants. Or, you are given free reign and have to hope that your vision ends up to the liking of the client. Not always a given!

So yes, commissions are hard. But I LOVE them. I love creating that perfect piece for the perfect spot in a person's home, office or holiday home.

So here are some photos of the location and then a few detail shots of the work in progress. Am trying to bring more sunset oranges and yellows into the painting as requested by the couple. I am working with the idea of atmospheric and landscape elements such as water, sky, rocks, sand, reflection, rain, waves etc. It is getting there!

I will post a completed photo once it is finalised!