Diana Miller painting

"Redhead Beach" commission

After our shipping container house aired on Grand Designs in October last year I was contacted by a lovely couple from the idyllic beachside location of Redhead Beach to paint them a painting. Their new house was recently completed and looks incredible and they have asked me to produce a fairly large piece 1.8m wide by 1.2 m deep as the feature piece for their living area.

It is always such a privilege to be asked to produce work like this for people because it makes you realise that what you do has really impacted on them somehow. Creating art is a very emotional process for me, and one that more and more so comes from deep within me. I very often get to the end of a painting and have no idea how I got there! The paint just seems to make its way onto the canvas, in layers upon layers until the piece evolves into the final product. I have to say, commissions are more so than not very challenging. No one knows what the end product is going to look like. And because art is so subjective, there is no way to guarantee the client is going to like the end result. Of course you just have to do all you can to get the colours right, capture the right emotion in the painting and incorporate the elements that the client wants. Or, you are given free reign and have to hope that your vision ends up to the liking of the client. Not always a given!

So yes, commissions are hard. But I LOVE them. I love creating that perfect piece for the perfect spot in a person's home, office or holiday home.

So here are some photos of the location and then a few detail shots of the work in progress. Am trying to bring more sunset oranges and yellows into the painting as requested by the couple. I am working with the idea of atmospheric and landscape elements such as water, sky, rocks, sand, reflection, rain, waves etc. It is getting there!

I will post a completed photo once it is finalised!

latest commission complete

A very good friend of mine from art school days in Cape Town has 3 sisters, one of whom immigrated to Australia and is now living in rural Victoria, Australia. Like me she has 2 cheeky and gorgeous little girls and she wanted them depicted in a painting for her house in nice bright colours. We based her painting on a piece I created a few years ago. Jeannine loved the vibrancy of the teals, reds and pinks of my painting "Water Garden" so I used this painting as the base in which to set her 2 gorgeous young daughters. Painting faces is always challenging – to capture the essence of someones face from photographs without always knowing the person is often tricky. However, I have to say I am really thrilled with the way this painting has ended up and so is Jeannine :)

"Water Garden" 2013

Current work in progress

I started working on this piece over a week ago. It started out with the intention of being somewhat of an underwater coral reef scene but as always I am removing it slowly and slowy away from anything recognisable. I sort of liked how it looked but then I thought it was all too curvy and organic so I started taking shapes out and changing the colours. It now looks quite different to how it started and I'm still not there. I look at it for 5 minutes and love it, then look away and come back to it and then I hate it! It's a common phase of this middle part of the painting process that a lot of artists go through I think. There are sections of it that I love - but as a whole it is not working yet! But I will get there. Its a big sucker this one - 150cm x 150cm! Will post the final picture once its complete.

Work sold this week since the airing of our Grand Designs episode

1. Shock the Monkey – to Lauren in Sydney

 2. Express Yourself – to Lease in Sydney

3. Coming in from the Cold – to Maria in Sydney

When Doves Cry – to Krisztina in Perth

Well its been a busy week! 3 painting have been shipped to Sydney and one will leave for Perth next week. Quite a few commissions lining up too and the response from the show has been incredible! Now the challenge will be keeping my stock levels up!

In the studio

It's Monday and I'm trying to get as much work done on my current commission for a friend down in rural Victoria. This is me in my shipping container studio in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane that my hubby Todd put together. We like to keep things themed! Lol...

Since Grand Designs aired last Thursday night I have been inundated with requests for paintings which is so fantastic! Lots of hours in the studio for me!

'True Colours' exhibition artworks

This exhibition was completely inspired and painted under the influence of 80s music... Music that was the soundtrack to my life as young teenager living in the 80s in South Africa. See if you recognise any of these song tracks - perhaps one of your favourites is here too?

Africa (Toto)


Blue Monday (New Order)

Cruel Summer (Banarama)


Ebony and Ivory (Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder)

Express Yourself (Madonna)

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)


Faith (George Michael)


Here comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics)


Just and Illusion (Imagination)


Purple Rain


Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)


True Colours (Cyndi Lauper)


True (Spandau Ballet)


Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)


When Doves Cry (Prince)

Whispers and Moans (Crowded House)


Pump up the Jam (Technotronic)

Animal themed paintings

I went through a big animal painting stage for a large part of 2012 – including more than one deer, zebras, bunnies, dogs, owls, and more deer!

 Beautiful Dilemma SOLD

Blame it on the Bunnies SOLD 

Cheeko and Hurley SOLD 

 This one is still available for sale! And its ON SALE for a piddly $300. Any takers?

 Scenting Freedom SOLD

Fanfare SOLD 

Tread Softly SOLD 

Spring Buck SOLD