Diana Miller mixed media

Bangalow art weekend away

Its amazing how much inspiration lies around us all the time but goes completely unnoticed. At our art workshop weekend in Bangalow we were sent on a mission to the local park to gather and collect as much inspiration as we could from the natural elements at the park. We were encouraged to look at things at different angles, close up and from far away, from lying down or bending sideways. What we all discovered to our surprise was just how much information there was in that small little park. We made drawings, took photographs and journalled about our experience, then took all that information with us back to the drawing room...

 sketches in the park

setting up on day 1

 Day 1 experimenting with charcoal, pencils, ink, paint and anything else I could find...

 Day 2 – our critique at the end of the weekend

 my 3 drawings

 some close ups

Here with Myself

I am exhibiting this weekend at the Staverton Kindy Soiree in Chelmer, Brisbane. I have been working on a few smaller pieces for this show and this is one of them. I have been working on very large gestural pieces lately so it was actually nice to reign it in and work on something a bit finer and more detailed. I also enjoyed working with gold leaf for the first time. Fiddly stuff but gives a great effect!