My first workshop!

I finally did it! And hopefully it won't be my last. This Friday 9 September 2016 I hosted my first ever workshop in the form of a 2 hour "Connecting with Collage" Workshop. We had 14 divine ladies come along for a super fun morning of drawing, cutting, ripping and sticking. All very relaxing and therapeutic as art always is! And all the proceeds were donated to Bravehearts Charity for their White Balloon Fundraising Day.

As I told the group on Friday, I have wanted to host workshops for a very long time, but a longstanding fear of public speaking (or even speaking in front of a very small group) has held me back for a very big chunk of my life. At 43 years of age I have decided that it is time to move on and get over it! I cannot let my fears hold me back any more from doing the things I want to do and the things that add meaning to my life and to my art practise. Connection is such an integral part of why I do what I do. My art is my means to connect to myself, to source and to others. Its all about the relationships I form with the people that connect with my art, and holding workshops is just another way that I can do this. 

So yes, there were a few nerves to start, but once I got going and was in my zone, armed with knowledge that I have developed and garnered over the years, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and the group did too. The 2 hours flew past and before we knew it the session was over, leaving me completely inspired to do another one... now to decide on the content for workshop number two... All ideas welcome!