In love with abstraction

My 6 week course at the Byron School of Art has now concluded but I enjoyed the experience so much I am thinking about going to study more intensely at the Byron School of Art for the next couple of years. I have loved being pushed out of my comfort zone and being in the company of other artists and I think if I can juggle it all it will be excellent for my development as an artist. I have realised how passionate I am about the art of abstraction. It is a very challenging form of art – to create something beautiful and interesting out of nothing but shape and colour is incredibly hard. And I find that challenge so enticing... Here are some images from the work from this last session.

This was a super quick one on mat board that I literally did in 5 minutes as the day was drawing to an end. Paint, collage and ink.

Inspired by the work of Robert Rauschenberg (who I had not heard of, but am now a huge fan of) this one was also pulled together very quickly. Paint, collage, ink, graphite on board.

This is a photo of one of Rauschenberg's many artworks. He was hugely prolific and experimental with his work. I think he was somewhat of a genius! I'm a fan, that's for sure...

This is another one of mine on board. You may have noticed the difference in tones I have been using on the course. Quite different to my usual bright palette but definitely growing on me :)

Discovering American artist Amy Sillman was like finding a piece of chocolate on my desk around 3 o'clock slump time! So exciting! I was immediately attracted to her work for its extraordinary use of colour and form. Quite beautiful stuff which left me feeling quite inspired. Here are a couple more of hers...

And now for Idris Murphy, a contemporary landscape painter from Australia, who I also had not heard of... Well, wow, gob smacked at his work. Just so captivating.. I cannot stop looking at them! Such brilliant use of colour and minimalism. I find them all divine.

OH my god – seriously? This is just sublime.. I am in love!