New work inspired by my homeland, plus a trip down memory lane

Born and bred in South Africa I grew up in the Western Cape with native fynbos and proteas growing wild and free all around me. I adore this native plant and have referenced them a few times in my work over the last 12 years. It has been a while though since I have painted something quite so nostalgic – this work transports me back to my homeland... the tones of the earth, mustards of the sun and earth, greys and tans of the arid desert regions inland in the Karoo are all referenced here. A country of extremes, of beauty, extremes, opportunity, wealth and poverty – a true melting pot and a homeland that will always be mine...

Below are some other pieces that contain elements of South Africa, both flora and fauna. This first one I painted in 2012 and it sold at a local art show. It captures a colourful array of proteas with the vibrant Springbok up close.

This one titled "Beautiful Dilemma" I painted in 2013, 10 years after immigrating to Australia. Struggling with homesickness this piece reflects my inner struggle to leave my motherland to live in another country.

This one, painted in 2012, titled "Home" was one of the first paintings I sold. It is an abstracted scene of proteas, utlising rich golds and oranges and was inspired by my many sketches of proteas in my drawing journals. 

With a proud zebra taking central stage this piece was one of a few mixed media artworks I created back in 2013. Lots of detail and texture and sold at a kindy art fundraiser in Brisbane.


With a love of the bush and the magnificent wild animals South Africa has to offer, this painting, simple called "Africa" was inspired by the song of the same name by Toto, and was on show at my first solo in Brisbane where it sold. In it are hidden a number of large wild animals. See what you can find in there...