New large geometric inspired prints in my online store now

Get Your Funk On

Bright and energetic, with staccatos of popping colour this painting wants me to get up and dance around the room. I had so much fun creating it, it had to have a light hearted title... Buy this print here.

Grand Bazaar

Conjuring up the chaotic feel of a Moroccan or Indian spice market with the hustle of people, food, rugs and colour, this one to me is a rich and lively Grand Bazaar. The original sold through Fenton & Fenton in Melbourne, but you can buy the print here at a size of 50 x 59cm plus a 3cm paper surround for framing purposes. Signed by myself.


I mostly never know what I am going to paint, as was the case with this one, but as I finished it, there was only one name for it. With the blues of the Greek oceans and the whites of the iconic buildings, the gold of the sun and the loose relaxed application of the paint, this took me back to the '90s when I was a young carefree traveller visiting this great fun island of Mykonos. Buy this print here.


The Pottery Class

Everyone sees something different in a painting. For me this is a scene of drinking vessels, cups, pots and vases spread out on a picnic rug, the fruits of an industrious day behind the potting wheel. Buy this print here.

This is my Castle

I was starting to struggle with this piece. It started out really pale and pastel and it was all rather tight and contrived and there wasn't much about it I was liking. It needed an injection of colour and so out came the Napthol Crimson, the Rose Pink and the Magentas and as I moved these colours across the canvas, it started to come alive, it started to feel comfortable and easy and the final piece came together very intuitively. The simple suggestion of a crown shape dictated the name of the painting for me. For in the studio with my brushes and canvas I am in my castle, I am the king of my creativity. Buy this print here.