Fenton & Fenton

At the start of the year I wrote about the importance the role of vision boards can have in your personal and business life. For a while now I have fantasised about being a Fenton & Fenton artist but never really thought it would be a reality. On my vision board for 2016 I have 4 big goals, the first being "Get into Fenton & Fenton". And then about 5 weeks ago I got the email from them asking me if I would be interested in working with them! I mean, can you believe it? The power of desire and intention.... just incredible. Needless to say I am one incredibly happy artist right now!

The image above shows one of my paintings beautifully styled in a room along with work and items by Lisa la Pointe, Michael Bond, Amanda Dadziedzic, Elise (Cakebread), Mr Fenton Rugs and Mahal coffee table. 

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