Moments in Spontaneum solo exhibition

August 2015
Percolator Gallery
Paddington, Brisbane

Me and my work on opening night

It takes a long time to put an art show together. You always know you have at least a year to start building your collection, but somehow perhaps because of that seemingly extravagant amount of time one doesn't necessarily always start painting a year in advance. This was very true of my show this year. In fact my dates had been booked since August 2013 so I actually had 2 year's warning. Isn't it amazing how fast that time can creep up on you though and I only really started working in earnest on my new pieces in May this year! 

2015 has been an incredible year of personal growth for me and when I look back at the work I have created they really are a reflection of the lessons I have learnt, the meanings I have taken from experiences in my life, the paths I have taken, the roads I have travelled within myself. All these things are reflected in the paintings that hung as a body of work in the main room of the gallery. As a collection you can see a continuity and a thread of similarity that makes them cohesive and work as a body. I am incredibly proud of the work I produced for this show and thrilled to have sold so many pieces. This piece here titled "Learning to Soar" is the only one of my new pieces still for sale.

Learning to Soar FOR SALE

I titled the show "Moments in Spontaneum" because for me there is a very definite place called "Spontaneum" This is my very happy, emotive, expressive and spontaneous place where for me magical reactions can happen between myself, my brushes and the canvas. 

This is what I wrote to describe the show...

This body of work documents and reflects the personal journey I have been on this year – one of exploration and growth, of acceptance, gratitude and presence.

The work is emotional and expressive and created in those moments where instinct and intuition override the analytical brain to create something raw, free and unconscious. It’s about surrendering....letting go. Its about telling a story in a spontaneous moment.

We are all aware of the concept of ‘living in the now’ and ‘being in the moment’, and it is through the creation of this body of work that I have realised the art of complete presence. In front of my canvas, brushes in hand, time stands still and it is in these moments that I express myself fully and spontaneously.

These paintings are suggestive of landscapes travelled – real, imagined and internal. I have captured moments of beauty and inspiration in these compositions utilising colour, form and texture as my foundation, enriched with a personal emotional dimension that cannot be defined or described. They are built from layers of paint that blend, jar or dance onto the canvas, creating and revealing forms, brushmarks and finer details. My paintings tell a story, they convey emotion. They are an expression of me.

Here is the collection...

The title piece "Moments in Spontaneum" SOLD. Prints available here

Moments in Spontaneum   120cm x 120cm

This painting symbolises the moments in which I am truly present and spontaneous in my approach to my art. This body of work represents the moments in which I am completely raw, free, unconscious.


Mother Earth  120cm x 100cm  SOLD

This painting is about finding my feet, grounded in the earth. The reds of the dirt, the shapes of the rock, the ochres of the sand, the land and how it lies. And all that the earth gives us. Let us give respect to the earth.


Life is an Adventure  120cm x90cm  SOLD

This painting takes us on an adventure through thick undergrowth and jungle like vegetation. It represents the journeys we take through our lives and the paths we choose to explore. Sometimes there is treasure to be found.


Forever Reap What you Sow       120cm x 120cm   SOLD

What you give you receive. Why not consciously and deliberately sow for the highest good?


Flavours of Life  120cm x 90cm   SOLD

Ups and downs – they are a part of life, this palette is a metaphor for the spices and flavours that augment our experiences...


Internal Reflection 120cm x 90cm   SOLD

This painting is about looking inward and traversing the internal landscape that speaks to you.


Are you living yet?    70cm x 80cm    SOLD 

Life is here for living – living the fullest expression of yourself.